[TRV Compass] India

[TRV Compass] India — Updated on October 10, 2018 0. General tips to travel the country India is an intoxicating, mysterious, and beautiful country. It is easy to become overwhelmed at the bustling of India with endless possibilities of things to do, places to see, and food to try.   Here are general tips for traveling […]

[TRV Compass] Switzerland

[TRV Compass] Switzerland — Updated on June 16, 2018 0. General tips to travel the country When planning to travel to a new country you consider the weather, the culture, the people. The best times to travel to Switzerland depends greatly on what you are looking for as a travel experience. The low season is […]

[TRV Compass] Thailand

[TRV Compass] Thailand — Updated on May 23, 2018 0. General tips to travel the country Thailand is a diverse place. The southern half of the country is different from the northern half, each having their own culture, food and customs. Though its people are known to be the friendliest for backpackers, there are rules […]

[TRV Compass] Cuba

[TRV Compass] Cuba — Updated on Apr 23, 2018 0. General tips to travel the country Cuba is a island in the Caribbean known for its vast beaches and tobacco fields with many tourists travelling to visit for low cost holidays. The Cuban cigar is famous because of tobacco industry on the island. Salsa music […]

[TRV Compass] Jamaica

[TRV Compass] Jamaica — Updated on Mar 31, 2018 0. General tips to travel the country Always avoid flashing expensive items, ( such as Cameras, or Ipads, ) be sure to avoid wearing expensive jewelry on road trips or excursions, Read up on the local laws and practices before you travel to Jamaica, And give […]

[TRV Compass] China

[TRV Compass] China — Updated on Feb 8, 2018 I. General The first impression of the country is the energy with lots of people. Wherever you go, you see people, lots of them. You would encounter some rude people who spits on street and cut the line but be patient. Look for the beautiful side […]